Outdoor Survival Set Bundeswehr Survival Messer Werkzeug Multitool US Army Trekking Camping Überleben Rettung Militär Fallschirmjäger


Let's take it one at a time. ✜ Tactical Pen: Rotate clockwise adjust the telescopic pen, can open out refills, counterclockwise rotation when the refill can be hidden. Strong Tactical Pen (sharpening diamond shaped) can effectively prevent criminals, Self-defense, looking for the opportunity to escape. ✜ Flashlight: Mini 350Lum Cree XML Q5 AA/14500 LED Light FlashLight Zoomable 3 Modes, black ✜ Multifunctional scale: Two kinds of scales which can be used as a ruler groove / bottle opener opener. ✜ Fire Starter: Made of magnesium alloy material ignition (special treatment, good stability), By the side of the sheet metal friction force can be a sudden high temperature high brightness 5000-12000 spark ignition, high reliability, Suitable for almost any climate and environmental conditions. ✜ Whistle: Double frequency treble Aluminum Alloy lifesaving whistle. ✜ multi-function Keychain knife: Self-defense, can open the bottle, twist angle of six screws, when fruit knife or other applications. ✜ Compass: It is used for outdoor location and orientation. ✜ outdoor camping tool card: More than 11 kinds of functions of the Swiss Army knife card camping knife is suitable for emergency escape. ✜ key light: Light high brightness key light. ✜ black box: gegen hohe temperaturen.

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