Russische Armee Special Forces Besondere Kräfte Aufklärung Späher Entladung Sturmweste SMERSH AK sposn SSO


Package handling equipment SMERSH PKK. Designed for carrying ammunition, signaling equipment and means of communication, a small first aid kit, other equipment, as well as diet. To accommodate ammunition and equipment in the kit include: – Two pouches under eight stores to 7.62 PKK, four hand grenades (F – 1, RGD – 5, RGS, RGN) and four PSDs – RRR. – Pouch to the harness, painkillers, individual dressing package. – Small combat pack. Suspension kit system consists of: – Soft belt SMERSH. – RS31 Belt. – Shoulder straps SMERSH. The main products fabric – 100% polyester 900 g / m2 with an internal polyurethane water-repellent coating. Ideal for military, police and other special forces, fishermen, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, airsoft and other tactical games.

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